Enduroman Festival of Ultra Events Continuous Triple, Continuous Double, Single, Half Triathlons Marathons & Ultra Marathon runs of 50~100~200 Miles

Enduroman Festival of Triathlon and Ultra Running

The 9th Enduroman and its associated events will once again take place inside the stunning private estate at Avon Tyrrell, Hampshire during a long weekend of 3rd to 6th June 2016. The event has been designed so that almost all the races finish on the same day creating an atmosphere that only can be experienced in the world of Enduroman.

"Avon Tyrrell hosts a true triathlon course. No closed roads, no 2km flat loops, no tarmac run, no hiding place. This is the world of Enduroman......" Enduroman Ultra Races - Challenges.

Enduroman Run to max. Friday 3rd - 6th June you choose your start and Finish times.
3 - 2 - 1 Daily swim: Friday 3rd - 6th June
Enduroman Marathons: Friday 3rd - 6th June As one per day for 3 days or 2 days or single marathon .
Triple Enduroman Continuous: Friday 3rd - 6th June
Triple Enduroman 3x1: Friday 3rd - 6th June
Enduroman 200 Ultra Marathon: Friday 3rd - 6th June
Double Enduroman: Continuous: Saturday 4th - 6th June
Double Enduroman: 2 x 1: Saturday 4th - 6th June
Enduroman 100 Ultra Marathon: Saturday 4th - 6th June
Single Enduroman: Saturday 4th - 5th June ( Night time contest)
Enduroman 50 Ultra Marathon: Saturday 4th - 5th June
Half Enduroman: Sunday 5th - 6th June

Enduroman Run to max: Is designed to enable any athlete or support crew to run as far as long and as often as they wish. Think of a distance and see if you can achieve it. Start and stop when you want. Run at any time on any day. for as long as you want.
Enduroman Swim: 3- 2- 1 Day1 7.2 Miles Day2 4.8 Miles Day3 2.4 Miles
Enduroman Marathons: Run 26.2 Miles as one per day for 3x1 or 2x1 or a single marathon.
Continuous Triple Enduroman: Swim 7.2 Miles, Bike 336 Miles, Run 78 Miles
Triple Enduroman: 3 x 1 - Swim 2.4 Miles, Bike 116 Miles, Run 26 Miles per day.
Enduroman 200 Ultra Marathon: 200 Miles
Continuous Double Enduroman: Swim 4.8 Miles, Bike 232 Miles, Run 52 Miles
Double Enduroman: 2 x 1 - Swim 2.4 Miles, Bike 116 Miles, Run 26 Miles per day.
Enduroman 100 Ultra Marathon: 100 Miles
Single Enduroman: Swim 2.4 Miles, Bike 116 Miles, Run 26 Miles.
Enduroman 50 Ultra Marathon: 50 Miles
Half Enduroman: Swim 1.3 Miles, Bike, 58 Miles, Run 13 Miles


Athletes participating in the Enduroman Festival of Ultra Sports will be required to read and sign the Enduroman consent form. You will be signing to say you believe at the time of entry and registration you are to be in good health and feel the challenge you entered into is within your ability if things go according to plan. You will inform both the Medical Support and Enduroman of any medication you may be taking.

Enduroman are delighted once again to have EXTREME MEDICS covering the Festival of Ultra Sports.
The event organiser and medical support has the right to ask for a complementary medical examination if it judges that at any stage before during or after the athlete / participant presents a certain risk.

Single Enduroman & Half Enduroman:

These close to standard distance events, are included in the Ultra programme for the following reasons:

To give athletes the opportunity to test the course / event out before making the move to Ultra distance triathlon.

To give athletes the opportunity to race a full / half distance triathlon and the chance to share their experience with world's most special Ultra endurance community.

It is worthy of note that Enduroman have kept the same unique challenge since starting our events many years ago: Your run has dark woods, tree roots and the tough / short climbs etc. This is the world of Enduroman it is not the normal world of triathlon racing.

Relay Teams - Triple / Double / Single / Half Enduroman:

For those wishing to compete as a team, there is also relay opportunities for the Enduroman Triple, Double and Single races. Teams can enter up to 3 individuals per team. The choice of distances per athlete is up to you! You can either have one athlete complete each stage (swim / bike / run) or athletes complete any chosen number of laps on the bike and run stages. The only stipulation is that only one athlete completes the swim stage. This is to ensure safety around the water. For example, a team of 3 enters the Single Enduroman race. One athlete completes the swim, then each athlete completes 1 lap (or 2 laps etc.) on the bike course until the full 10 laps is completed and then a similar format on the run stage. The timing chip and race number will act as the relay baton.

Enduroman Runs: Distance to personal maximum /Marathon a day/200/100/50 Ultra:

Due to the popularity and feedback of the 100 - 50 and 200 mile Ultra marathon held around the same 1.10 mile run course as the Ultra Triathlon races, Enduroman have decided to introduce even more variety. It is our hope you find a running challenge to suit.

Run to Maximum Distance: gives you the opportunity to purchase your timing chip and enables you to start and stop running as often as you want over a period of time totally of your choice to achieve your dream distance.

Marathon a day gives you the opportunity to run a marathon each day for 3 days or do as many as you can over the 3 day period.

The 200 miles, 100 miles and 50 miles races. Athletes will run 182 / 91 / 46 laps of an exact 1.10 mile course around the Avon Tyrell estate. Athletes have the unique opportunity to run a closed circuit, be able to camp beside the course and be able to see their support crew on a regular basis.


  • High 5 Energy Source (Citrus Flavour), a mixture of summer fruits, orange and citrus High 5 gels and water provided throughout the event whilst competing.
  • Race goodie bags
  • On-site catering providing 1 - 3 meals per day at athlete's expense
  • Accommodation in the main house (dormitory style) from the evening before race start until 1st June 2015 at athlete's expense, Camping or log cabins are also available
  • Finishing T-shirt (Not guaranteed if entered after 1st March 2016)
  • Finishing medal (Not guaranteed if entered after 1st March 2016)
  • Bike Mechanic assistance (For triathlon races)
  • Paramedic medical cover for all participants.
      Before 1st November 2015: 50% of entry fee minus Race Result commission
      Before 1st January 2016 25% of entry fee minus Race Result commission
      On or after 1st January 2016: No Refund

      There is onsite catering providing 1 - 3 meals per day within the main house next to the race course from the evening of 2nd to the morning of 6th June. Athletes, support crews and spectators may purchase meals. Accommodation is available in the main house. There are also opportunities to camp next to the race course, book lodges or use local hotels.

      Enduroman have secured access to laundry facilities on-site for the duration of the event. This comprises of 2 washing (2 x £1 coins) and 1 drying (50p coins) machines which are both coin operated. The laundry opening times are: 9:00am to 10:00pm and MUST NOT be used outside these hours.

      Avon Tyrrell reception is the place to book accommodation, meals and answer most questions regards the House and grounds. Opening times: 08:30am - 5:00pm

      Bike mechanic cover throughout the event is located in Burley village BH24 4AB on the bike course.
      Athletes must show their race number to the mechanics who will repair minor faults. Bike components supplied by the mechanics must be paid for by the athletes after the completion of their respective events. Forest Leisure Cycles is open during the event "working hours" only. Tel 01425 403584

      CATEGORIES:  Men's Individual, Women's Individual

      PRIZES:  Finishing t-shirts and medals to all competitors.

      The awards ceremony will take place at 08:00 on Monday 6th June 2016. Breakfast will be served before this at 07:00.

      Race Director: Edgar Ette
      E-mail: info@enduroman.com


Run to maximum any distance any day at any time your choice.
Total time event cut off 0200 6th June

Enduroman Swim: 3 - 2 - 1
Day 1 8 hours Day2 4 hours Day3 2.5 hour

Enduroman Marathons Total time daily 7 hrs.

Continuous Triple Enduroman: Swim 8 hours Bike 39 hours, Total time 65 hours.

Enduroman 200 Ultra: 60 hours (athletes must complete the first 100 miles in 24 hrs).

3 x 1 Triple Enduroman:
2 x 1 Double Enduroman: Swim 2.5 hours. Bike 12.5 hours, Total time 20 hours per day

Double Enduroman: Swim 4 hours. Bike 24hrs. Total time 43 hours

Enduroman 100 Ultra: 36 hours

1 x Enduroman: Swim 2.5 hours, 12.5 hours, Total 20 Hours.

Enduroman 50 Ultra: 18 hours

Half Enduroman: Swim 1.5 hours, 8 hours, Total 10 Hours

All prices do NOT include Race Result commission of 5%


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