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Lanzarote Reviews


Enduroman promise to post all reviews received here, good or not so good, to help you decide if the camp is for you...


Review from Calum Muress (2019 A2A solo challenger)

"I found the Enduroman Lanzarote camp absolutely brilliant preparation for my Arch to Arc challenge, and am delighted I decided to attend. Three key things stand out as to why I’m glad I trained in Lanzarote; firstly the support available from Ed, Rachel, and Lanzarote local Cristian was phenomenal, including support kayaks and deep-water feeding every day, for swims of up to ten hours, as well as their general care, tips, and support during swims. Secondly the advice and information available about the challenge was fantastic, with specific talks and Q&A sessions held as well as just being able to constantly fire questions to the experts – all incredibly useful. And finally the atmosphere and opportunity to meet other challengers and the Enduroman team was fantastic – there was a great camaraderie throughout and sense we were all in this together. All in all, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Time absolutely well spent and a critical base to build off over the coming months!"

Review from Brice Bonneviale (2019 A2A solo challenger)

"The January Lanzarote swim camp organized by the Enduroman team (Edgar Ette #1, Rachel Hill #27) was tremendous and eventful.
It was a personal journey but also a great opportunity to share experiences with athletes from England (Chris Leek, Chris Spencer, Calum Muress, Daniel Coughlan, Kate Mason, Claire Smith), from Belgium (Arnaud de Meester), Russia (Anatoly Markin), Kazakhstan (Anel Sytdykova) and France (Thierry Sache).
We all had or own challenge, or own doubts, our own dreams.

After six days, the pedometer read 40km (run at night) and I totalled 58km of swimming.

Among the training sessions spent paddling in the sea was the truly fearsome but compulsory 6 hours test (passed on tuesday with a covered distance of 15km)
Thursday felt slightly like a déjà vu: it was time for the pinnacle of the training...a 10 hours session in the water.

It was mentally exhausting and i had to cope with the routine offered by the sea depths, continuously fighting against the cold of the not-so-cold water (18 °C) which was slowly lowering my body temperature. Also trying to manage nutrition and hydration at the same time. Simply put, trying to pay attention to all the signals my body was sending....

Time lacks empathy and that becomes obvious as you seem to be aware of its ability to contract or dilate while swimming..
A truly humbling experience but also one which feed you with self-esteem."

Review from Daniel Coughlan (2019 A2A solo challenger)

"I attended the Lanzarote Swim in January 2019. During the week I built a huge amount of confidence and knowledge of open water swimming. The camaraderie between the swimmers was great, we learnt loads from each other. The camp leaders Edgar and Rachel, were truly amazing, supporting the group throughout the week and during long swims. I would highly recommend the camp and I will certainly be going back!"

Review from Thierry Sache (2019 A2A solo challenger) in French and English

"Au-delà des kilomètres et/ou heures passées en mer ce Swimcamp est avant tout une histoire de rencontres : Celle avec nous-même et cet effort physique quotidien de la nage en mer mais aussi et surtout ces rencontres avec tous ceux qui partagent leur passion, leur aventure, leurs doutes, leur intégrité voire leur foi de vivre pleinement ce présent. Nous avons chacun des aptitudes physiques, différentes motivations, prétentions diverses. Ce swimcamp est bien là pour fédérer ces divers profils physiques en un seul esprit unique : celui de l’enduroman

Merci Ed#1, Rachel#27, Paul, Kate, Arnaud , Brice, Claire, Chris.L, Daniel, Calum, Grantley#24, Chris.S, Anatoly, Anel"

"Beyond the kilometers and / or hours spent at sea, this Swimcamp is above all a story of meetings: the one with ourselves and with the physical daily effort of swimming at sea but more than that, it is a meeting of those who share their passion, their adventure, their doubts, their integrity and their faith to live fully in the present moment. We each have different abilities, different motivations, different aspirations. This swimcamp is there to unite these various physical profiles in one unique spirit: enduroman spirit.

Thank you Ed#1, Rachel#27, Paul, Kate, Arnaud , Brice, Claire, Chris.L, Daniel, Calum, Grantley#24, Chris.S, Anatoly, Anel."

Review from Arnaud de Meester (2019 A2A solo challenger) in French and English

"Concernant  l’organisation du “Swim Camp Lanzarote” j’étais très heureux d’y participer, j’ai pu m’apercevoir de l’évolution de ma nage en Mer .

J’ai remarqué que mon travail au quotidien à porté ses fruits, technique, endurance, puissance, résistante, nourriture en mer, gestion du stress .... était au rendez vous.

L’organisation de ce stage était pour moi “IMPECCABLE”, encadré par de vrais professionnels.  Vous avez su nous pousser en dehors de nos limites, nous donner confiance.

Merci à l’équipe."

"I was very happy to participate in the Lanzarote swim camp where I was able to see my sea swimming develop.

I noticed that my daily work paid off in terms of technique, endurance, power, resilience, swim nutrition and stress management.

For me, the organization of this camp was "IMPECCABLE", led by real professionals. You have managed to push us beyond our limits, to give us confidence.

Thanks to the team."

Review from Chris Spencer (2019 A2A solo challenger)

"I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the swim training camp in Lanzarote in January this year, the year of my a2a attempt.  In my opinion, for anyone attempting the Arch 2 Arc, no matter how capable or accomplished a swimmer you are, this is a “must do” rather than a "nice to do” because the experience sets you up with the best chance of being successful in your own a2a attempt.
For my part, I suffered a  back injury in a cycle accident a few years back and while I had previously been okay at swimming relatively modest distances (up to 3.8k as part of Iron distance triathlons), my injury meant that even that was now challenging and anything greater was a real struggle - my stroke, my stamina, my position in the water, my pain threshold, my confidence… all impacted.  For me therefore, Lanzarote was an absolute necessity to help me through those things.  What I got from it was not only that though… but way, way more.
Firstly, the organisation of the camp was second to none, everything from the foresight to set up a WhatsApp Group for all participants well ahead of the camp to the unwavering support from the Enduroman crewe while actually swimming at sea.  The fact that the camp is run and supported by folk who have actually completed the a2a is a massive benefit.  This year we were lucky to have both Eddie (#1) and Rachel (#27) as our core team throughout but many others came along to help out for few days here and there.  The ability to have so much air time to talk to and get advice from those that have actually achieved what us mere mortals are daring to achieve is a tremendous bonus that the camp gives you.
The way things are run means that there is a great amount of flexibility which allowed people to attend for just a few days up to the full two weeks if needed.  Most were there for 3-8 days... I did 6 days.  For swimming itself, again, it is set up to ensure that there is flexibility for all swim capabilities.  While, everyone that attends will be a competent open water swimmer, some are more experienced than others, with me probably being the most lacking given my injuries!  However, the support meant that everyone had an opportunity to test and to push their abilities.  Eddie and Rachel even gave me some 121 swim training in the hotel pool to help me improve my stroke… they reassured me that they offer that to anyone and it wasn’t just about me being so bad!!  
The end result was that I got to complete both the 6 hour channel qualifying swim as well as a separate 10 hour swim… and anyone that has seen me swill will appreciate that that is huge testament to the true value of attending the camp!!!  I found it invaluable as well to practice feeding in open water, and also take the opportunity to try out lots of different nutrition - my apologies to Eddie and Rachel on behalf of all of us for overloading the kayak with enough food / drink to feed a small country and not leaving much space left for them!!  And it wasn’t just about swimming, we also got the opportunity to run/walk around Lanzarote throughout the night and to then complete a 3 hour swim after breakfast the following morning - a way of testing our resolve under fatigue… and feeding Eddie’s sadism!!  Everything about the camp was about giving us the best opportunity for success when our time comes - and to kick start the serious training needed to achieve that.
Finally, even beyond the swim training itself, the insight from a2a finishers, the sleepless night(s), the support in and out of the water, the opportunity to really test and push ourselves in a safe environment... the real benefit I took from the camp was the opportunity to have meet some other 2019 a2a / channel swim attempters (if there is such a word!).  Listening to and sharing in their journeys to that point was captivating and inspiring.  Also, the support that everyone gave each other was nothing short of humbling - there were no egos, just a bunch of motivated and exceptional individuals who were sharing in the same dream of daring to achieve the extraordinary later this year - and who would do anything to help each other out.  That alone was enough reason for attending the camp.  
My 2019 attempt now feels real… it is no longer a pipe dream or something that I was training for in the future.  Lanzarote helped that mindset change for me and I am grateful to all I met there - I hope to see many again for the Portland swim camp in May!”


Review from Martin Pritchard-Howarth (former A2A contender, now Enduroman #33)

"I’ve had the pleasure of joining the Enduroman Lanzarote Swim camp in 2017 (one week) and 2018 (2 weeks). I’d thoroughly recommend it as essential for anybody that’s considering the Arch to Arc or The Channel, although it would be of benefit to anyone wanting to increase their open water swimming distances in a challenging, beautiful and relatively safe environment.

The knowledge you can acquire from being around such a wealth of experience is invaluable.

The philosophy of Enduroman is not to make vast profits (unlike many corporate endurance companies) but to help everyone achieve their goals and reach their potential. You will be evaluated and the daily swim times will be tailored to your needs and aims. 

Under the watchful, refreshingly honest eye of Ed and his team (long suffering wife Lynn this year!) you will be able to practice feeds, experiment with what suits you and be given practical tips appropriate to your standard/ challenges, building throughout the fortnight to the dreaded but essential 10h swim! There is an opportunity for a qualifying Channel 6h swim to be signed off also if the temperature is low enough. If you’re not up to your particular event standard you will be told in a constructive manner and advised as to what you need to do to improve.

The evening Q&A session was a fantastic time to ask all the questions you were afraid to ask, and the long night time run/ walk followed by morning tired swim excellent preparation for the rigours of the A2A. Many previous successful A2A athletes return to the camp to swim and share their experiences as part of the wider Enduroman family. I can unreservedly say that without the kick start to my training the swim camp provided and the subsequent support and encouragement  of Ed, Lynn and the people I met there my preparations for this year's trip to Paris would have been harder than I could possibly imagine. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Hopefully see you there

Martin Pritchard-Howarth

A2A Contender 2018"