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Lanzarote Reviews


Review from Martin Pritchard-Howarth (former A2A contender, now Enduroman #33)

"I’ve had the pleasure of joining the Enduroman Lanzarote Swim camp in 2017 (one week) and 2018 (2 weeks). I’d thoroughly recommend it as essential for anybody that’s considering the Arch to Arc or The Channel, although it would be of benefit to anyone wanting to increase their open water swimming distances in a challenging, beautiful and relatively safe environment.

The knowledge you can acquire from being around such a wealth of experience is invaluable.

The philosophy of Enduroman is not to make vast profits (unlike many corporate endurance companies) but to help everyone achieve their goals and reach their potential. You will be evaluated and the daily swim times will be tailored to your needs and aims. 

Under the watchful, refreshingly honest eye of Ed and his team (long suffering wife Lynn this year!) you will be able to practice feeds, experiment with what suits you and be given practical tips appropriate to your standard/ challenges, building throughout the fortnight to the dreaded but essential 10h swim! There is an opportunity for a qualifying Channel 6h swim to be signed off also if the temperature is low enough. If you’re not up to your particular event standard you will be told in a constructive manner and advised as to what you need to do to improve.

The evening Q&A session was a fantastic time to ask all the questions you were afraid to ask, and the long night time run/ walk followed by morning tired swim excellent preparation for the rigours of the A2A. Many previous successful A2A athletes return to the camp to swim and share their experiences as part of the wider Enduroman family. I can unreservedly say that without the kick start to my training the swim camp provided and the subsequent support and encouragement  of Ed, Lynn and the people I met there my preparations for this year's trip to Paris would have been harder than I could possibly imagine. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Hopefully see you there

Martin Pritchard-Howarth

A2A Contender 2018"